Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kinetic Energy Lab

I apologize for taking so long to post these, but as we all know school seems to take on a life of its own at times.

This was our kinetic energy lab.  We did two different activities.  The first was using a matchbox car and putting different size washers on it to change the mass.  They used a track to put the car on and then measured how far the car was able to push the paper tray.

We also did different size marbles going down a meter stick ramp. (2 meter sticks connected with popsicle sticks)

They made tables in their science notebooks to keep all their data.


  1. What a fun project for kinetic energy! I've got to pick up some toy cars; my kiddos would love to do this.

    1. I've done this lab for many years and the student love it every year.

  2. do you have a lab sheet to go with it?

  3. What do you use for the car ramps?