Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Skool Friendz: MissMathDork

My friend, MissMathDork, has a wonderful line of products called Relays.  The students are in teams of 4.  Each student takes a turn at answering their assigned question.  When all four questions are answered the assigned student brings it to the teacher to have it checked. If they get the ok, the assigned student draws part of the picture.

We needed to work on mean, median, mode and range.  MissMathDork's Lucky Day Relay was the perfect activity for this.

My students LOVED this activity! They were practicing a needed skill, but since it was a "race" they felt like if was recess time (even my 6th graders want recess!).

Here are some of the completed pictures: 

When we finished the activity, my students asked if we were going to do another one the next day! I don't think I have ever had them ask me to do more math, LOL!!

Please visit her store to see all the other wonderful math products MissMathDork has to offer!


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    1. 1). I hate auto correct:). 2). Love the math relay idea! And 3). I have serious white board envy!