Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Book Review Tuesday: The Best One Hour History - The Renaissance

From the publisher:

Perfect for Students, Their Parents, Educators or The Arm-Chair Historian! 

What if, for the price of a latte and an hour of your time, you could really learn about and enjoy history? We’re not just talking about memorizing dates and names, but truly grasping the ideas, feelings and passion behind major events and how humans have clashed over them for centuries? 

The Best One-Hour History series by history teacher Robert Freeman is for those who want a quick but coherent overview of major historical events. It will also serve those who need a competent high-level introduction before going further. Each volume is less than 60 pages long and provides a clear and concise account of the episode under discussion. Details include the context in which it arose, the major actors, the event itself, and the major consequences. In about an hour, the reader will obtain a thorough understanding of why each subject holds iconic status in Western Civilization. And it will NOT be boring!

This was one hour that was well worth my time!!  This book on the Renaissance, was jam-packed full of information. I've taught about the Renaissance for many years and thought I knew a good amount of information about it, this book proved how much I didn't know!  

It starts out by giving an introduction to the Renaissance and how it evolved from the Middle Ages. It covers the most important people of the Renaissance as well as the different forms of media that developed during the time.  I enjoyed the book as a lover of history and as a teacher that teaches this time period.  

Some of the reading might have been a bit much for my 6th graders, but I would definitely love to have a copy of this for my shelf.

You can also get books on the Reformation, Scientific Revolution, French Revolution,  WWI, and the Vietnam War.  They also have many more topics planned including Ancient Rome and Greece, the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and the American revolution.

You can purchase this book at Amazon by clicking on the picture below.

Thanks to NetGalley and Smith Publicity - Kendall Lane Publishers for a copy of the book in exchange on an honest review.

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