Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Book Review Tuesday: History of just about Anything by MacLoud and Wishinsky

History of just about Anything by Elizabeth MacLoud and Frieda Wishinsky with illustrations by Qin Leng.

The book starts in 6,000,000 BCE when the first humans appear and goes through 2011 with the earthquake in Japan.  

The stories are not your normal boring history lesson. The reading is kid friendly and full of fascinating facts that kids will be intrigued by therefore making learning their history lesson "fun".

Included in the book are "Ripples" which include facts on how humans have changed the world. These facts are very interesting to me as a lover of history, but I think they will also appeal to my students.

The illustration by Quin Leng are beautiful.  The cartoon images are a nice addition to the informational text.

This is definitely a must have for my classroom!

This book contains so many facts that I decided to narrow it down by the topics that I would use it for each of my social studies classes (although some might be used for both). I hope this gives you an idea of the topics you will find in the book.

World History

Rise of Greece
Founding of Rome
Rise of the Roman Empire
Golden Age of the Maya
King John signs the Magna Carta
Black Death Breaks Out
Renaissance Begins
Gutenberg invents printing press
Aztec Empire at peak
Da Vinci reaches paints Mona Lisa
Michelangelo paints Sistine Chapel ceiling
Magellan sets out to sail around the world
Cortes meets the Aztecs
Copernicus shows Earth orbits the Sun
Shakespeare writes Romeo and Juliet
Kepler publishes his laws of planetary motion
Galileo revolutionizes astronomy
Newton "invents" physics
Steam engine invented
Industrial Revolution begins in England
Stephenson builds first steam railway

US History

Age of Vikings
Columbus reaches the Americas
Cabot reaches the "New World"
African slaves first shipped to the Americas
Jamestown becomes first colony in America
Champlain established permanent settlement in Canada
Defeat of the French in Canada
American Revolution
You can purchase the book at Amazon by clicking on the picture below.

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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  1. Well, that book just went on my Amazon wish list! I'm a sucker for nonfiction!

    1. I have the digital copy of it from NetGalley, but will be getting a hard copy soon! I love all the info in it!