Sunday, January 12, 2014

Skool Friendz: ChiliMath

ChiliMath is Mike and Kathy Estela.  In addition to selling on TpT, they have a website that offers free algebra lessons:  ChiliMath.

I found their store several months ago and purchased one set of cards to see if I liked them.  I fell in love with their products and usually purchase each new set the day they upload it. 

There are two reasons that I love their cards so much. The first is that they are priced so well and the second is the variety of cards that come in each set.

This set is a part of their Division Task Cards Bundle (a steal at $8.40 for 276 cards)

Click on picture to go to product.

I absolutely love their fraction task cards set. They include so many different types of problems as you can see in the picture below. (sorry for the bad picture, it's hard to take good pics of laminated stuff)

Click on picture to go to product.
If you are looking for math task cards, I hope that you will visit their store!

***NOTE:  ChiliMath's task cards do NOT come with a task card sized cover and answer key, that is something I do myself when printing them out.***

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