Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Book Review Tuesday: How to make a Planet

How to make a Planet by Scott Forbes.
Illustrated by Jean Camden.

Publisher's synopsis: 

Offering a new spin on astronomy and earth sciences books for kids, this out-of-this-world how-to details the making of a planet, namely the incredible, life-sustaining, one-in-a-billion planet Earth, starting with its basic ingredients, protons and neutrons, and making abstract concepts easier to understand.

The story starts out with a timeline leading up to present day Earth and continues with a discussion on how universe was formed. The book takes you step by step through the process of how the universe was form in very kid-friendly (and adult) language.

The illustrations are wonderful. They will definitely appeal to the upper elementary crowd. When we do our Earth and Space Science unit, my students are always asking me questions (more so than they usually do in science) because they find it so fascinating. I often find myself lacking in the knowledge to answer some of the questions they ask me (what exactly is a black whole?) The information in this book will allow me to explain it much better.

All through the book they have a "time check" which allow the reader to see where they are in the creation of the universe.  I definitely think this would help my students to understand how long it actually took for our universe to form.

Other topics included are:  seasons, composition of Earth, the atmosphere, water cycle, Pangea, and how to care for out planet.

I loved this book. The information contained in it will definitely be making its way into my science lessons. The illustrations were a delight and added to the overall package of the book.

This is definitely a book I will be adding to my bookshelf!

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