Sunday, March 23, 2014

Science Sunday: Roller Coaster Fun!

I saw THIS idea from my friend Jennifer at Teaching to Inspire in Fifth and fell in love with the idea. I knew that I wanted to do it with my 6th graders when we did out energy unit.

I adapted her ideas a little bit.  My rules were the following:
  • Must have at least two "hills" 
  • Must have two carts showing potential energy, one of which must show the greatest potential energy 
  • Must have two carts showing kinetic energy, one of which must show the greatest kinetic energy
  • All cars need to have the type of energy it has labeled.
My students LOVED this activity as much as I did (plus it allowed me to work with my 5th graders...)

Two of my boys got really into the design and made obstacles in their roller coasters.

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