Saturday, May 3, 2014

Graphing Unit

We start the unit by labeling the parts of a graph using the "Parts of a Graph" poster from my Graphing Posters and Interactive Foldable Graphic Organizer set.

You can get this blank graph template HERE.

We then talk about the different types of graphs and made this interactive foldable graphic organizer. This is the foldable that my 6th graders make, which includes a histogram. I have included 5 different foldables in my poster set.
For the bar graphs, line graphs and circle graphs, I projected the data card from my computer to the overhead screen so that everyone could see it.
The students do the graphs on graph paper, which were then taped into our interactive notebooks.

Bar Graphs and Double Bar Graphs
Line Graphs and Double Line Graphs
Circle Graphs (coming soon, we will do these on Monday)

For the Stem & Leaf, Line Plots and Frequency Tables I copied the mini versions of my Data Set Cards and the students taped them into their notebooks. I wanted the students to be able to mark off the numbers/words they had already used and they would not have been able to do this if I had just projected the data card on the screen like I did with the other graphs.

Stem & Leaf
 Line Plots
 Frequency Tables

You can get my brand new set of Data Cards to use with your graphing and/or data analysis units by clicking on the picture below.

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