Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Book Review Tuesday: Economics Through Infographics

Economics Through Infographics by Karen Latchana Kenney

Illustrated by Steven Stankiewicz

From the Publisher:

Trying to process economic information can leave you at a loss. You need to understand the connections in global markets (where was your cell phone made?), the crazy variety of currencies (from dollars to kronor), and the high stakes of spending (wants versus needs). 

How can all these statistics and concepts make more sense? Infographics! The charts, maps, and illustrations in this book tell a visual story to help you better understand key concepts about economics. Crack open this book to explore mind-boggling questions such as: 

• How do people buy and sell things without money? 
• What makes it hard to find a job? 
• How do people use their resources to turn big ideas into big business? 

The answers will be worth a lot to you!

My Review:

This is definitely a book that I would like to add to my teacher library as it covers several of the topics that I have to cover for both my 5th and 6th graders.

  • fur trade and how the fur was traded for good like clothes, blankets and sugar.
  • gives and example of 2 types of economies and how they worked differently
  • why we need to exchange money when making purchases in other countries
  • supply and demand
  • how the assembly line increased production
  • exports and imports
  • how jobs have changed over time according to the country's needs
  • global economy and how prices are different all over the world
  • minimum wage

The examples in the book are made with products that your students will be familiar with, therefore making it relevant to them. The graphics by Steven Stankiewicz are very colorful and will hold the attention of my students.

You can get this book at the following retailers:

Thanks go out to Lerner Publications via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review.

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