Saturday, May 31, 2014

Surviving the Chaos! Blog Hop

It's that time of year again when we are done with state testing and trying to finish up with all the end of the year stuff.  We always have to turn in any textbooks that we might be using, so I try to come up with some activities that will keep the students engaged, but let them have a little bit of freedom.

I did THIS post on some of the activities that I do during this time as well as a book that I have gotten several ideas from.  These activities allow the students to use the skills they have learned during the year and apply them to problem solving activities. My students love doing this.  It's a fun way to round out the year.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Top Ten Things I Want to Do This SUMMER

Click the picture to go to Mrs Jump's Class and see what everyone else is doing this summer!

I'm linking up with Mrs Jump's class to bring you the ten things I want to do this summer. Since we are on an alternate calendar and only have 6 weeks for break, I'm going to be hard pressed to get even half of it done, but I'm going to try!!

Ten Things I Want To Do This Summer!

1.  Spend some time reading. I love historical romance books and have even started a blog with reviews of the books I read.  I never thought I was much of a writer, but I have definitely seen some growth between writing my teaching and book review blogs.

2.  Visiting my nieces in Virginia. Aren't they adorable!! This picture is about 7 yrs old. They are now in 7th, 6th and 4th grade. How time flies!

3.  Starting a new workout routine.  I need knee surgery, but the insurance won't pay for it until I've lost a certain amount of weight.  I've lost half of it, yeah!! Most of that was through changing my diet. I need to add exercise to get the rest of it off. The problem is that when I exercise, my knee hurts worse...

4.  I like to do some scrapbook!!  I have not scrapbooked in probably 4 years.  When things got crazy at school that was the first thing to go.  I need to scrap several trips as well as many pictures of my nieces and nephews.

5.  The state of Indiana just adopted new math standards. Most of the new standards are aligned to the CCSS, so I'll have plenty to resources to choose from but there are several new standards that I will need to create resources for.

6.  I'd like to improve my digital creating skills.  There are lots of different designs that I would like to create for my background paper packs, but I just don't know how.  I think I will be watching lots of YouTube videos this summer.

7.  Complete many unfinished products. I did a lot of World History poster sets for my 6th graders this year, but I never listed them on TpT. Some need more content added to them and they all need to be edited. Fingers are crossed that I get those done in time to use them next year!

8.  I want to get together with my Indiana Bloggin' buddies! We have had so much fun the last two times we got together.

9.  Get lots of SLEEP!! I've been staying up way too late either working on school stuff or just reading a good book. It will be nice to stay up late if I want to and get to sleep in!!

10.  Get caught up on my tv shows!! I've got 2 episodes of Undercover Boss, 8 episodes of Vikings, 6 episodes of Blue Bloods and 5 episodes of Celebrity Wife Swap to get caught up on.  I'm hoping to add this to #3. I catch up on the tv while riding the exercise bike!!

What are your plans for this summer?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Classroom Organization: Storing Colored Paper for INBs

 I recently shared how I store all my interactive foldable graphic organizers that I use in our notebooks. Doing all those organizers means that I need a lot of colored paper. I try to buy paper whenever I see it on sale. I can get pastel paper from my district, but I like to have a variety of colors (probably stems from my years of scrapbooking, LOL!)
I found these containers at Staples that I thought would work perfectly (they were on clearance).  I made a sign to fit on the front that would tell me the colors inside and it has a lid which will keep the dust off of the paper.

Of course, I store them in ROY G BIV order!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Surface Area Using Nets

One of our math standards has students finding surface area using the net of rectangular prisms.

I started out by using this poster to introduce the topic, which is a part of my Volume and Surface Area Poster and Graphic Organizer set.

The poster shows that each rectangular prism has 3 pairs of sides where the pairs are congruent to each other. When they took notes in their interactive foldable graphic organizers.


After putting the information into the interactive foldable graphic organizers, we moved on to the actual nets. I started with a net that had grid marking on it to make it easier on the students. We color coded the sides so that they knew which parts coordinated.

They then cut out the net and put it into their interactive notebooks.  Next, the students calculated the area of each side of the rectangular prism to find the total surface are of the shape. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this step.

Once this was done, we did the same thing but with a net they had to measure themselves to find the dimensions.

 We also did a cube and square pyramid.

After finding the surface area of the nets, we moved on to using the traditional formula. I think by dong this activity, the students truly had an understanding of why the formula works.

I got the nets HERE and HERE (I whited out the tabs to use this one).

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Graphing Unit

We start the unit by labeling the parts of a graph using the "Parts of a Graph" poster from my Graphing Posters and Interactive Foldable Graphic Organizer set.

You can get this blank graph template HERE.

We then talk about the different types of graphs and made this interactive foldable graphic organizer. This is the foldable that my 6th graders make, which includes a histogram. I have included 5 different foldables in my poster set.
For the bar graphs, line graphs and circle graphs, I projected the data card from my computer to the overhead screen so that everyone could see it.
The students do the graphs on graph paper, which were then taped into our interactive notebooks.

Bar Graphs and Double Bar Graphs
Line Graphs and Double Line Graphs
Circle Graphs (coming soon, we will do these on Monday)

For the Stem & Leaf, Line Plots and Frequency Tables I copied the mini versions of my Data Set Cards and the students taped them into their notebooks. I wanted the students to be able to mark off the numbers/words they had already used and they would not have been able to do this if I had just projected the data card on the screen like I did with the other graphs.

Stem & Leaf
 Line Plots
 Frequency Tables

You can get my brand new set of Data Cards to use with your graphing and/or data analysis units by clicking on the picture below.

I've bundled my best selling graphing posters, data analysis unit and my new data cards for a discounted price.  You can find it by clicking of the picture below.