Thursday, April 23, 2015


I don't know about you, but one of my first purchases as a teacher was the EZ-Grader.  Having grown up with a mother that was a teacher, I knew how much it would be used.

18 years later and this is what it looks like....

Notice that it has both my maiden name and my married name on it. The corners have come apart and I had to re-attach them with brads from my scrapbooking stash.

When I saw their booth at the EdExpo, I knew I wanted to check out their newest products.

I fell in love with my EZ-Grader all over again!!

They now come in cute pink and purple (my favorite colors)!!

And for those of us that are over 40, they now have a large print EZ-Grader.

But my absolute favorite of the new EZ-Graders has to be the That's Correct! grader. I will be using this ALL THE TIME!! I do all my classwork and homework on a points system.  After a long day of school, I'm usually grading on a half working brain.  This will be so handy to just glance over and see the amount of points that I need to give.

Don't have a local teacher's store to purchase this at? Check out the EDMarket Dealer site.

My local store, United Art and Education, also sells on their website.


  1. Mine is still in good shape, but I love that purple one!

  2. Replies
    1. I've got a grader app one my phone and I never use it...I think I like that the info is right there whereas on my app I have to scroll to find it.

  3. I've got three floating around. One is from my first year and looks like your top one, minus the rip. I have the purple too. The other one is actually a Dollar Store find and it's super cute! Now ask me if I can find any of them when I need them. :-)

    1. I'm always losing mine too. I've been trying to put it back in one spot and have actually been doing better this year. Fingers crossed that it continues!!

  4. There is an amazing ipad and iphone app that is just like the ez-grader. :) I love your blog! Go Indiana!